Southern-style kitchen and smokehouse offering barbecue in Westboro. Hand-crafted cocktails, local beer and wine.

Foods from Lexington Smokehouse and Bar

Jun 16
I wanted to love this place as it came highly recommended by a foodie friend of mine, but it fell short of expectations.

First: burger. Very good bacon, nice fresh soft ciabatta bun but otherwise a miss. The burger itself was two small patties, way too small for the $18 price point. The meat had no texture, certainly not grilled and hard to tell if fried on griddle as there was no bark on exterior. It had a fast food mouthfeel although the meat is advertised as local and high quality from O'Briens. Processed cheese which is inexcusable at this price. No cold veggie toppings instead fried onions which is all the rage among the chains. The lack of raw veggies like tomato, onions, greens is a lamentable shortcut.

The shoestring fries were very good but too small a portion. Even the ketchup provided was pathetically short in supply as was the Cole slaw which was in the same tiny condiment thimble as the ketchup. Cheap.

I tasted a bit from my friend's fried chicken. Great breading, good flavour, but tiny pieces. Again, poor value for what I think was also an $18 plate.

Finally, very good service and nice ambience. However, will not be back for anything other than beer. Good draft selection of 14 oz brews for $6.