1st Ottawa location for this franchise, located in the T & T plaza. Serves a variety of Chinese rice noodle soups, appetizers, and beverages.

Unit 1-3987 Riverside Dr.


Dagu Rice Noodle
Dagu Rice Noodle
Dagu Rice Noodle
Dagu Rice Noodle
Dagu Rice Noodle
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Apr 4
Despite its convenient location and contemporary ambience, my experience with Dagu left a lot to be desired.

The restaurant is in the same mall as T&T Supermarket and occupies half of Morals Village. Staff from Morals Village also serve Dagu's guests so it doesn't seem to be an entirely separate operation. With its open spaces and large windows, the restaurant's furnishing gives off a modern and welcoming vibe; however, this feeling seems to start and end with the décor.

The service was lacking and leaned more towards self-serve. The servers hung out on the side and chatted amongst themselves until they were flagged down. This isn't a big issue but it was just a bit off-putting when water wasn't offered upon arrival and continued to not be offered until asked for.

The food was, unfortunately, disappointing as well. We ordered a Signature Rice Noodle Soup with Braised Bone-in Pork and a Original Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle. I also elected to get meatballs in mine while my partner got beef slices (it's essentially $1/slice FYI). The only other differences we could discern were:

1) the ingredients were put in the bowl for you in the former vs. you putting them in yourselves in the latter and;

2) the soup in the former tastes like nothing but salt water vs. the soup in the latter has a little bit more flavour albeit not by much.

Also, the former had a braised pork bone but that turned out pretty tough.

Along with these mains, we also ordered 3 appetizers: Salty Crispy Chicken, Marinated Braised Pork Bone, and Brown Sugar Sticky Rice. The chicken was probably the best thing to come out of that meal, but that too, was overly breaded/floured. The pork bone fell off the bone and was more tender than what came in the soup; however, it was presented in a pretty unappetizing way - just piled onto a plate. The sticky rice was probably the most disappointing as I was expecting actual sticky rice instead of rice cake. That may have been a translation problem but on top of that revelation, the brown sugar was a bit burnt and had a bitter taste to it.

All in all, a disappointing visit. I feel like it was a good idea (considering all of the patrons of the mall, in particular T&T Supermarket) that was poorly executed. You might be better off eating at the T&T "food court." I think they're cheaper.

Mar 3
Dropped by for lunch on Sunday at 11:30 AM recently and got the B5 (sour and spicy crossing the bridge noodles with beef) option with the stuffed meatball add-on, which cost $15.23 after taxes and excluding tip. This was a very filling bowl of noodle soup, and came with 12 different items for addition to the boiling, deeply flavoured broth. The menu has expanded since my last visit; I want to try the tomato noodles with pork chops next. This place shares the same space as Morals Village, dividing it 50/50 between them, and is clean and bright with kind service. The Dagu half was full and had a lineup when I left.

Nov 25
Got the pickled cabbage rice noodle soup with fish slices, as well as the whole shrimps add-on. Thought this was pretty good, with flavourful broth, as well as lots of pickled cabbage and fish. Portion wise, the soup made for a nice, filling lunch, and cost $18.00 after taxes and tip. Will definitely eat here again.

Nov 25
Dropped in for lunch. Place was clean and service was kind. The menu is a short list of various rice noodle soups, appetizers and beverages. The dining tables have built-in stove elements to keep the soups boiling, if there are any additional raw ingredients served with them that need to be added to and cooked in their broth.

Nov 25
Just noticed this place today, while going grocery shopping at T & T. What the!?!