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Farm to Table restaurant in the heart of the Glebe.

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Aug 10
Went here for brunch with the family a couple Sundays ago, so I apologize if my memory is a bit fuzzy.

It was a lovely little restaurant. They have fresh herb boxes on the walls which adds to the homey feel. The wood decor is nice, but it amplified the sound from a table behind us, making our conversation a little hard sometimes.

Pictures is their play on eggs benedict with beef brisket, which I see is no longer on the menu, which is a shame. It was really good. The beef full of flavour, the eggs poached perfectly, and the crema instead of hollandaise worked. The salad was really big on the plate, but the potato hashbrown was the star. Crispy, but tender inside, well seasoned.

My mother had the pulled pork one, which is still on the menu. She liked it, but not as much as the beef, as it was a vinegar based pulled pork.