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Pizza at Roost & Grills
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Jan 15
Roost & Grills pizza is all good. Their butter chicken 'za, is, in fact, VERY good. But that's not what i'm here to post about. I'm here about the chicken.

Y'know those family meals you can get from various Middle-Eastern restaurants... whole bird, sides, etc?
Early this week i had my third go at delivery of Roost n Grill's 'Emirati meal' and am driven to rave here about it.

The chicken is pretty much perfect. Grilled through, flattened, seasoned over and under the skin to within a perfect inch of its short happy chicken life, it is delicious. Even the white meat is tender and tasty. The skin... i try to eat healthy but this is one of those times i want to leave the skin on the bird, and then steal it from the plates of my more strong-willed dining companions.

The roasted potatoes - irregular bite sized chunks of roasted happy joy in your head - are green. Yes. Green. It's the seasoning, you see. I do not know what they put in it, possibly unicorns and crystal meth, but they are, again, delicious, kind of addictive.

The rice - you know that really tasty style of rice that is yellow and has peas and carrots and raisins and other herb and spice things that someone more culinarily inclined than i could identify? The kind you want to just shovel into your face while you're unpacking the meal from the bag? Well, it's that.

The salad is a romaine and cabbage and carrots and red onion combo, with a vinegar dressing, and is good. It fulfills the necessary veg component nicely so you feel less guilty about all the bird and carbs you will also consume.

Houses sauces are a green tasty thing and a red just slightly spicy thing. I keep forgetting to unpack them in my rush to get to the food but they're really good w the leftovers.

Total meal is ample for 2 adults. Probably enough for a family of 4 if no one is a huge eater. If feeding more than 3 hungry adults (or one teenager) i think i would get an additional half or the 2 bird version of the meal. Or a side pizza.

Also tried their wings... all good. Not as rave-worthy as the chicken, but the honey garlic sauce and the spicy sauce tasted house made, not bottled, and the wings themselves were good sized and nicely crispy.

All three orders have been consistent and delicious. Leftovers (if any) don't suffer. Worth the money. Will order again.

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Feb 9
The butter chicken pizza is really tasty, however it's more of a tandoori chicken pizza. A nice spice comes through with the butter chicken sauce but it really doesn't seem much different from thier standard pizza sauce which also has an Indian spice vibe... and is really good! Hundo p would get again.

2018 Aug 6
This is their $5.99 medium 1 topping walk in special. This was my first time trying their za and I must admit the distinct and highly enjoyable curry aroma/taste in this pie was unexpected! A nice flavour combo and the crust, which I believe is thin by default, was terrific.