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2019 Mar 8
Oat couture is doing some fun things!

The Kyoto bowl (Asian inspired savoury bowl) had some great flavours that were really heightened by the Pineapple and pickled ginger.

The caprese bowl was tasty as well, but extremely pesto-flavoured. Still tasty but we though it was actually slightly over seasoned (might be the soak up the flavour nature of the oats).

We only tried savoury bowls but I would love to try the sweet ones next time, they have a smores-esque on on the menu which looked very tempting indeed.

The small sized bowls were great value and filled us right up. The environment was quite cute and cozy, nicely furnished. I am eager to check out their night venture as well Montgomery Scotch Lounge (the cafe transforms at night - love this concept)!

Nice Tea and Coffee selection as well :)

2018 Oct 23
He will be at once healthier AND more relaxed.


2018 Oct 23
Well, my Dad loves oatmeal and he loves scotch, so I feel like he will spend all his time there now.

2018 Oct 22
Although, for a restaurant that serves primarily oat dishes and wants to turn into a scotch bar ... I feel that they should at least have heard of cranachan.


2018 Oct 22
"Oat Couture... into a scotch/whisky bar in the evenings"

Dear Ottawa Restaurants That Don't Do Dinner - Please do this everywhere. Immediately.


PS: Would also accept vodka/gin/rum/tequila/etc bars in the evenings.

2018 Oct 21
We were vending at the Ottawa Whisky Show last night at the War Museum and ran into one of the owners of Oat Couture. She told us that she is planning to turn the place into a scotch/whisky bar in the evenings pretty soon.

Very exciting news.

2018 Jul 27
As I believe has been noted elsewhere on this site, this restaurant is a cafe style, order at the counter joint. They basically have sweet oatmeal (i.e. normal oatmeal) and savoury, which is more like a lunch/dinner version. As well as Overnight Oats.

I have now tried the Hangover and the Caprese on the savoury side. The ingredients are great, the taste is there, everything is done right. But to me oats simply do not make a great accompaniment as a savoury dish. It is still good, but I'd rather just eat the component parts as opposed to mix them together in a mush of oatmeal. The flavours don't stand out and it just a muck of a dish.

That said, the normal sweet oatmeal was the best oatmeal I've ever had. Perfection. The blueberry one in particular was tasty. I imagine the Overnight Oats are also great, since even my homemade version with Quaker tastes pretty damn good.

Certainly going back for some (sweet) oatmeal in the future.