Taqueria where the Germantown deli used to be. Serving fresh handmade tacos with daily specials, and mexican deserts.

Toro Taqueria
Foods from Toro Taqueria


2018 Sep 12
Was there for lunch yesterday. They have a taco-Tuesday promo, $4/taco.

At the order-taker's suggestion i had the Campechano (Barbacoa, Carnitas, Chorizo, and crunchy chicharons) and the Guadalajara (Red chile rubbed tortilla, Pollo Asado, Chorizo).

Both were very good. Won't displace Bonita as my fave tacos in town, but far better than the typical 'big vat of meat' tacos various places serve. I would try any of their other tacos on the strength of these.

The chimichurri sauce from the salsa bar was excellent, good flavor and heat. The roja and verde sauces were ok, nothing memorable.

The churro donut with dolce dipping sauce was wrong. So wrong i may go back and get another one. Right now.

2018 May 24
I decided to pop by today for my lunch and try three different tacos.

Pictured from bottom to top is the Pollo, Carnitas and the Barbacoa.

They also have a salsa bar, which has at least different kinds. The red I put on the Pollo, Verde on the Carnitas, and Chimichurri on the Barbacoa.

All were pretty good. I wish they had toasted the tortillas, or did something to keep them warmer.

Of the three, I very much felt the Carnitas was the best. Punchy and full of flavour.

I recommend that one. The other two were ok.

One sticking point is that it can add up in price, but it's a nice treat every now an again.