Lollo Salads and Coffee
Lollo Salads and Coffee
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Salad at Lollo Salads and Coffee
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Oct 20
The seasonal Lollito ($15) was delicious and very satisfying. Contrary to my first experience here, the portions are now really good! Even to the point where I forego any accompanying bread options.

Sep 15
The Cali-brese Tempeh ($13) is my new favourite salad here. Hearty and meaty smoked tempeh on a bed of cashew-caesar dressed greens with tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and charred lemon to zing it up. Who knew a vegan salad could be so tasty and satisfying?

Oh, and they now carry a selection of SuzyQ Doughnuts ($3)!

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Jul 7
They officially open this coming Monday!

I had the pleasure of trying an Italian Cobb salad during their menu testing last week. Unsurprisingly, the quality of ingredients—most notably the pancetta—was very high. I found the portion size to be a little small for the $15 ticket price but I gave feedback on that and was assured that they're still tweaking things. A nice touch is that they offered a slice of excellent rustic bread with a dip of olive oil.

Lollo's La Bottega Nicastro heritage of high quality and business acumen pretty much guarantees it'll be a huge success. This small airy space offers the following products:

* A selection of preset salads.
* Build-your-own custom salads.
* Refrigerated fruit cups, yoghurt, chia puddings, and gourmet bottled beverages.
* Italian espresso beverages.
* Doughbaby doughnuts.
* Pastries and sweet breads (from True Loaf if I remember correctly).

I work practically next door so I'll certainly be following up with more details!

Jul 20
The Carmen Caesar ($13) was quite a feast! The portion felt significantly larger than what I had during my previous visit during their menu testing.

This salad features Romaine lettuce, baby kale, and generous cubes of pancetta, all tossed in a cashew Caesar dressing. It is then topped with a boiled egg, quinoa-parmesan crisps, thick shards of pecorino, roasted broccoli, and a caramelized half lemon for squeezing. An optional (no charge) slice of bread with a cup of olive oil for dipping nicely rounds out the meal.

The ingredients were of top quality as you would expect. Due to the moisture of the salad and perhaps the humidity of the day, the parmesan crisps were chewy rather than crispy; that said, they were delicious! My only real quibble was with the roasted broccoli—it was dry and chewy, unlike any roasted broccoli I've ever had. The hack I found was to chew the broccoli along with a cube of pancetta... amazing!

All in all, this was a good choice and an enjoyable lunch. It's filling enough that you may not want the bread unless you're really hungry.