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Korean Fried Chicken at Seoul Mart
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2018 Jul 28
I went here on July 24th to order the chicken. I can speak a bit of Korean and asked the lady at the cash about the chicken.

The $23-25 pricing is for a whole chicken, which makes up 2 lunch boxes. I ordered 2 sweet and spicy chickens and got 4 boxes.

You can call them and order the chicken ahead of time. It takes about 30-40 minutes to make.

It's a great grocery store with good grab & go options. I recommend the gimbap options if the lunch chicken boxes aren't there (which is highly likely).

The grocery selection isn't as big as the large supermarkets you'll find in Toronto but there's definitely more Korean foodstuffs compared to T&T. The prices are comparable to Toronto as well.

If you're looking to make some Korean food, this is the place to get your ingredients.

2018 Jul 25
It's a take out/grocer. I didn't see any tables/chairs. Aside from the KFC, they have an assortment of baked goods ready to eat.

2018 Jul 25
I didn't see that sign, no. A woman was bringing boxes of sweet & spicy out to the front (bottom shelf of the open cooler area) and I grabbed one. Got rung up by the owner, we had a brief exchange about how good the chicken is when it's fresh.

To be honest, even at $20 I'd buy it when I'm craving KFC. They're a great little shop, with a carefully-chosen range of goods that are really tidily merchandised, the in-house product like the chicken and baked goods are excellent.

But I really wish I'd kept my receipt to see if there was any indication that it was a lunch special or otherwise discounted. $13 beats $20 any day of the week.

2018 Jul 25
Can you eat here or is it a take-out/grocery only.

2018 Jul 25
They didn't have any at the front. I was in a rush so I didn't have time to wait. Bottom right: Time 15 minutes. Did you see this sign when you went?

2018 Jul 25
Yipes, that's a big hike. Did they have any in the front by the checkout? I wonder if the one I got on Thursday was a lunch portion (even though it was the same size box they use at The Fry) and they do larger ones on demand.

I'd estimate mine contained ~8-9 pieces (including two big drumsticks). If the '15' in the sign refers to the number of pieces, it sort of scales? Anyone read Hangul?

2018 Jul 24
I dropped by Seoul Mart today (Tue, July 24). Looks like prices have changed for the KFC. $22.98 for the Plain Fried Chicken. $24.98 for the Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken. The place is well lit and super clean. Friendly service.


2019 Mar 20
Delicious!!! Weirdly, the boxes just sit open on a trolley...

2018 Jul 19
Had a morning appointment in the south end so I stopped by on my way back to grab some fried chicken for lunch. They didn't have any plain ready (it was maybe 11:20am), but some of the sweet & spicy was just coming out of the kitchen. Lovely hunks of bird double-fried in crispy batter, sauced in sweet, spicy, sticky sauce.

Easily as good or better than what you can get at The Fry on Elgin, for considerably cheaper ($12.98 versus $19.99). I'll definitely go back.