Bar Lupulus
Foods from Bar Lupulus


Apr 6
We went to check out what Lupulus had to offer for lunch the other day, and I was wowed by the slight changes in layout and the upgrade in decor from the Banzini days.

They have a great beer selection with 20 craft taps and even more in bottled selection. The actual physical taps are also very aesthetically pleasing.

We opted for a charcuterie board and were very pleased with the offerings. Highlights for me were the smoked duck and the house-made pickles. Unfortunately the server couldn't remember what the cheeses were (?)... There were several nice mustard and chutneys and such that really added to plate.

The soup of the day was root vegetable that was garnished with a nicely flavoured oil. I definitely got flavours of carrot and tomato paste, and it had a really nice texture! The frisee side salad with pickled onions was really bright and refreshing.

All the food paired up nicely with the sour beers I tried (a Nickelbrook Uber and another I can't remember). We were way too full for dessert but a Gorgonzola brownie definitely sounds interesting to say the least! I think this would be a great place to grab beers and share a snack with a friend when you are looking for nice ambiance and good beer selection under one roof. :)