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2017 Aug 11
This location is very swanky. The Lansdowne is nice but it is much bigger here and nicely decorated.

Pictured is the salmon rice bowl, the lobster and prawn ravioli and the maple ice cream apple pie. All three were stellar. I think it is slightly better than at Lansdowne, having been there many times. The salmon rice bowl was a bit spicy but balanced by a lovely sweet soy sauce. The lobster ravioli was topped by juicy and plump prawns and covered in an extremely creamy sauce.

There was a little mix up with the wait list. My name was lost by the system and we wait 40 minutes and saw everyone pass in front of us. When we asked, they realized the glitch and admitted to it. When pressed, they gave us the first round of drinks on the house.

That aside, the location is very swanky and the food was excellent. They also give you samples of drinks and food while you wait. Service was a bit slow but the place was packed. I still give the overall experience a thumbs up.

2017 Jun 17
I had the good fortune to attend their opening launch party recently and I was impressed. Many of the menu items were stellar, including the delightful torched oshizushi (Osaka style pressed sushi) pictured here. I also dearly loved the lobster ravioli with shrimp.

Service was incredibly professional and attentive even though the place was absolutely packed. I was here with ToeKnee and he cleverly asked if we could have a tour of the kitchen since this was a launch party. What impressed me most was their pride in how small the freezer is compared to the fridge. Yes this is a chain restaurant but it's trying really hard not to follow the negative stereotypes of that category.

All in all, this is certainly one of the nicer and swankier places to have a glass and or plate of something in the ByWard Market area.

2018 Jul 7
The Hand Pressed Hamburger ($17) is a good option here. Garnishes are clearly inspired by the Big Mac: lettuce, Thousand Island dressing, pickles, red onion. Cheese, mushrooms, and bacon are offered for a surcharge.

Even the light and thin fries are reminiscent of the golden arches. But my comparison to McDonald's is superficial: this flavourful and beefy sandwich is miles ahead of an actual Big Mac.

2019 May 5
I had heard good things about the Butter Chicken at JOEY so my expectations were quite high. I'm happy to say this was good! A satisfying but not excessive portion of well-flavoured chicken. Not too creamy.

I spooned the rice into the butter chicken before ferrying them to their ultimate oral destination. Bites of the miniature naan and papadum added variety to the experience.

One thing to watch for: some of those chunks in the butter chicken bowl are actually carrot. I had to examine each bite closely to calibrate my expectations.