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2017 Jun 17
A chain restaurant from out west. The first time I went to a Joey restaurant was in downtown Vancouver, on a vacation, meeting a friend who works near one. I remember being wowed by everything that I ordered. My friend's mashed potato spring rolls were fantastic.

Since it opened here in Ottawa, at Landsdowne, I have been a few times and it hasn't disappointed flavour and service wise. The place is fancy and the menu is definitely more west coast like with a lot of Asian influence with more than usual seafood options. The menu does change occasionally. Some items seems to be constant (sushi and steak, grilled salmon on rice, paella) while some seem to change (the excellent Korean fried cauliflower is no more).

Last night, we started with the gyozas which were very tasty but also the most expensive gyozas I have ever ordered ($14 for 6). My husband had the lobster and shrimp raviolis while I ordered the panang shrimps with rice. Both dishes were very flavourful and satisfying.

The drinks menu is extensive with good cocktails and wines.

Definitely a good date night or girls or boys' night out spot.

2015 Aug 13
Newish spot at Lansdowne. Good variety and nice ambiance. Veggie and gluten free offering available too.