A new restaurant on Bank Street near Gloucester which serves Sushi Burritos, Poke Bowls, and various Japanese snacks.

burrito sensei
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2017 Apr 4
I had a tuna, mango salsa, cucumber, avocado (99c extra), red onion, sesame seeds, julienned carrot and sriracha mayo burrito in order to determine what all the hype about Sushi Burrito's. Let me tell you, the hype is REAL! I don't think lunch gets much better than this umami delight. It was quite filling, delicious and service was very friendly. Nice decor (although I think they should move the hanging lights further up- uncomfortable having them at eye level) and fantastic service.

2017 Apr 3
Today, for lunch, me and a co-worker were wandering Bank Street and we saw this was open. So we popped in. I got the premade sushi burrito with pork katsu (pictured here) and she custom made a bowl with tempura yams. Both were amazing excellent. I recommend the pork burrito quite a lot, but I think I'll go with a bowl next time so I don't dribble on my shirt as much.