Bazille restaurant and ebar coffee bar.

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Dec 5
I had been 3-4 times a couple of years ago and really loved this place. Good value, and at the time what I thought was the best burger in town.

Bazille has gone downhill. The other night I had a very dry, flavorless burger. The sharp cheddar advertised was a thin film of flavorless melted cheese. The shoestring fries with black olive aioli tapenade were as good as back then. $18

My wife's club sandwich was cold. The expensive kids meals: dry fingerlings seemingly reheated dried out green beans, bland chicken tenders. So-so, chilly service.

Won't be back.

2017 Mar 18
I'm told the ebar gets their croissants from The French Baker. This was less greasy (i.e. less buttery) than I remember those croissants being, but the flavour was good and the crispness was perfect! A nice option when you run out of the house on the way to work without having breakfast. ;-)