Foods from Little Victories Coffee

2017 Mar 4
LVC is partly the brainchild of a former employee of Equator and winner of Barista competitions, Andy. I stopped by in their opening week and tried a double shot of espresso. Very nice. They are doing lighter roasts, somewhat different than most of Ottawa. Definitely tasty. Located in the Cyclelogik store in Hintonburg. I highly recommend checking them out - so much better than most of the coffee in the neighbourhood and probably one of the best in the city.

2017 Mar 3
This place popped up on my Twitter timeline this morning and any new coffee place is going to pique my interest. Little Victories Coffee is in Hintonburg and shares space with Cyclelogik at Wellington and Stirling. Looking at their website, they are both a coffee roaster as well as cafe. They are starting small but appear to be very much along the same lines and philosophy as Ministry of Coffee, just a few blocks down the street. Based upon my flat white, they are also very high quality, like the other nearby place. They sell their own roasted beans to go as well.

Nice to have another quality coffee place to go to (based upon initial impressions). I will definitely return.