Shawarma at Lebanese Palace
Foods from Lebanese Palace

2017 Mar 11
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2017 Mar 11
Just curious-- how does this place have +24 rating but is new with one review? I thought I understood what the number next to the name meant but maybe not..

2017 Feb 20
This place has two sections: the cafeteria-style "Shawarma Express" area is set up much like other shawarma restaurants in town and was open when I visited at 1pm on a Saturday. The other section is a massive sit-down restaurant that was closed when we were there.


2017 Feb 20
We came to this new restaurant on Industrial at St-Laurent after my wife's coworker proclaimed it to have the best shawarma in Ottawa -- as good as what you'd get in Lebanon. After trying the small chicken sandwich ($4.99), I'd have to agree!

The chicken was tender and juicy with a hint of lemon, and the overall impression was a little lighter than we've had at Ottawa's other celebrated shawarma joints. The garlic sauce isn't as overpoweringly pungent here, meaning you can enjoy all the ingredients.

My wife's coworker also specified that you want your sandwich to be made by Mustafa. The friendly and boisterous man who made our sandwiches didn't wear a name tag but the quality of what we ate spoke for itself.

Can't wait to return and try one of their awesome platters!