Soft Serve Ice Cream at Sweet Jesus
Foods from Sweet Jesus

2017 May 12
Went here for the first time mid week early May 2017.
Tried the cookies n cookies n cookies and cream, and something something Nutella.

Both were insanely good. The cookies thing was soft serve vanilla rolled in crushed fudge cookies, Oreos and cookie dough to the point where it was basically a solid layer of cookie stuff around really good soft serve. The Nutella thing was chocolate vanilla twist soft serve rolled in chocolate, Nutella, and I dunno, crack cocaine or something. Both were decadent, very very tasty desserts. Note that the small cup is deceptive, they give you as much as any cone. The large size is kind of obscene in a good way.

It's a really cute space, maybe eight seats, but seems more intended for takeaway.

Cones were generic... would have liked to see something better but it doesn't detract from the ice cream and toppings.

Staff were great.

Two smalls and a decent espresso were about $13. Totally worth it, will be back.

2017 Feb 11
It's what's for lunch! For my first visit, I tried the Lemon Coconut Cream Pie Pimped Out cup, $6.50 + tax and almost bigger than my head.

These ice creams are made for Instagram. But it isn't all about appearance; I found the toppings to be really nice. The sour lemon curd was drizzled directly on the ice cream, the whole thing was then rolled in coconut and graham crumble, and then more lemon curd was drizzled over top. Eating this was like enjoying a slice of cold coconut lemon layer cake.

The only disappointing part was the soft serve itself. It wasn't very creamy and had a slight cheesiness that reminded me of frozen yogurt. Go for the toppings not the ice cream!