Foods from Chesterfield's Gastro Diner


2017 Jan 7
Chesterfield's calls itself a non-greasy greasy spoon. This cozy little breakfast/brunch spot uses some form of cooking that does not involve grease. I am not too sure of the details, but what i do know is that this place is a nice breakfast/brunch option. While they generally do not have the big lumberjack-esque breakfasts (a la Denny's), they have a good number of options, such as eggs benny, omelettes, sandwiches, waffles and other innovative dishes. Most dishes come with a side or two, and these are the little gems that make me appreciate Chesterfield's. I am particularly fond of their leek soup and baba ghanoush. If you are an early riser on the weekdays, and fancy breakfast, they have an early bird special for before 10am, I think.

The place gets busy on the weekends by 11ish. It's kid friendly (there's a kid menu) but a bit tougher for families with little ones when you have to wait as you are joined by the late morning brunchers. Oh, and in the warmer seasons, they have a namesake sitting outside that you can lounge on!