Southern Smokehouse located @ 424 Preston St

From their Facebook page:

Serving Southern & Smoked Fare. Full Kitchen open late night with craft beer, bourbon and a cocktail menu to match.

Foods from Mason-Dixon


2016 Dec 5
We were excited to try the new BBQ/Smokehouse on Preston St. this week for dinner.

It has a nice smaller atmosphere and smelled deliciously smoky upon our arrival. We were seated immediately, about 3/4 house full on a Thursday evening. It took a little while to get a drink order in
but eventually we got it done.

I suspect they are still dealing with some opening kinks as the service was rather slow. Very friendly and polite but by the time we got our first round of drinks and were able to place our order we were already 30 minutes in.

When it was finally time to order we were tragically informed that no ribs were available so the sharing combo was out (ribs and brisket). Also the tasty looking green verde chili was sold out.

The mains are around 20$ appetizers 9-12$. Cocktail list was fancy, 12$. Lots of beer offerings in the usual 7$ish range.

We ordered the Kale Caesar and Mac and Cheese to start. Both were delightful. The salad featured a nice garlicky dressing with hints of parm and lemon. Fresh croutons and chunky smoky lardon made this a winner. The Mac was cheesy but flavourful - hints of garlic and a nice buttery crumb topping. Toast served on the side.

After our appetizers it was another 45 minutes before we received the mains. I guess the kitchen was having a hard time keeping up with the volume. When the mains finally arrived we were famished and about 3 drinks in.

The Chicken and Waffles was absolutely delicious. Tender juicy chicken thighs with crispy seasoned coating that had a bit of heat. Served on fluffy waffles with apple slice garnish and maple syrup. It was so good that we really just wanted more for the $20something price tag, it was more of an appetizer size then a main. The burger was juicy, served on an excellent lightly grilled bun with delicious house smoked bacon. The bacon is amazing.
the fries are crispy and do the trick but nothing to write home about.

The other 2 mains we got were the Brisket. This was not my favourite - in fact I convinced my SO to switch dishes with me because I much preferred his chicken and waffles. The other person who ordered the Brisket was also disappointed. The brisket was sliced and heavily smoked. I found it to be a little tough and also the stone board it was plated on was very difficult for cutting and made a bit of a greasy mess since the plate had no lip. The BBQ sauce accompaniment was tasty but was ice cold. Coleslaw was good, light mayo dressing - I would love a little zip!

All in All I suspect the good food here will win once they figure out the food and service hiccups.