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2017 Feb 7
The creme brulee is pretty awesome, as is the not pictured PBJ. Also huge.

Churro is new to me, must try!

Bummer about the coffee.

2017 Feb 7
Here is the picture of those donuts. Clockwise from top-left:
creme brulee
coconut caramel something
cherry shortcake
plain glazed
maple bacon

The coffee was pretty horrid, coming from a machine, but the donuts were pretty great.

Sure, the cake donuts are a little bit smaller than the yeast donuts, but I find cake donuts superior for lots of things. As below, they are not so sweet that you have to share.

This box, plus a dreadful Americano cost a blt over $15.

They also have a thing where you can add your own toppings to donuts, which might be fun for kids.

2017 Feb 4
rizak brought some home today and I find them a reasonable size for doughnuts. rizak says don't bother with the coffee.
I'm a fan of cake doughnuts, so I far prefer these to suzyq.
Have tried the plain glazed - very nice for dipping, and a coconut almond custard which was also pretty yummy - not too sweet and not covered in M&Ms or frootloops or other fake things.
...although I have to say that Aunt Elsie's are still far superior :)

2017 Jan 15
How dare you bring fact evidence into an internet disagreement!

2017 Jan 14
Lemon. As you can see, pretty small for $2

2017 Jan 14
Donuts are meh. Son brought some home. They are small. 3 were $7.70

2017 Jan 13
Strange. I was there this past Thursday, the PBJ donut was the size of a Big Mac circa 1982, the Chocoholic was 'normal' donut size with a small mountain of icing. Both were awesome.

There were some fancy donuts at the front that were smaller almost decorative things but those weren't the usual batches.

2017 Jan 13
Can they have changed that quickly after opening? I was there maybe 2-3 weeks ago and I would definitely not describe the doughnuts I had as tiny. I had the same ones as OSoloMeal and they were both a good size and wonderful in taste - the lemon ricotta and caramel creme brulee.

Their website menu does explicitly mention both 'Yeast' doughnuts and 'Cake' doughnuts. I must have only tried the yeast doughnuts.

2017 Jan 13
We were excited for this place, but ultimately disappointed. The donuts are TINY. Easily less than half the size of SuzyQ. Can't remember exactly how much we paid, but at the time we found it quite outrageous (like, more than SuzyQ for much less).

The donuts are VERY cakey, which is not my preference. I found the flavour combos to be nothing special. We probably won't be back. If we're going to splurge on donuts, they cannot be this mediocre!

2016 Nov 27
Mavericks Donuts is open at Herongate strip mall on Bank.


Seriously, these are great donuts. Had the lemon ricotta - nicely delicate, great combo of the lemon and cheese filling in the evil evil donut, and the caramel creme brulee, which is basically what happens when you fill an evil evil donut with awesome custard and melt caramel on top and sneak massive amounts of happiness and joy and possibly cocaine into it it was THAT good.

They do four or five flavours per day, and have some sort of diabolical make-your-own donut option that sort of looks like what happens if Coldstone ice cream went donuts.

Suzy Q has some competition. Will be back. Will send others.


2017 Feb 20
We stopped in today after a beautiful family hike, just to balance out good health with bad. These doughnuts are great! We tried:

* Peanut Butter and Jelly (pictured) - this was my choice. Loaded with jelly and topped with a sticky peanut butter glaze, it worked really well with this substantial yeast doughnut.
* Crème Brûlée - my wife's and daughter's choice. Lots of rich vanilla pudding inside and a roof of caramel glaze. Hard to eat without getting caramel all over your upper lip, but I guess that's part of the experience.
* Cherry Cheesecake - my son's choice and he enjoyed it.

We then went for another round and shared two very small cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts, fresh from the fryer. These were nice!

The prices range from $1.35 for the small cake doughnuts to $2.85 for the filled and glazed yeast doughnuts. Across the board, these doughnuts are richer and heavier than those from SuzyQ. Which one you prefer will come down to personal preference.