Foods from Hangout

2019 Apr 5
Noticed this yesterday, April 04 2019.
When they get busy, expect to wait. That's if they haven't forgotten your order, then you wait longer.

2016 Nov 19
Never had a favourite bubble tea spot in Ottawa, but I do now. Walked in on a whim one Saturday night, and couldn't believe it-- packed with at least 50 people in a bar-like atmosphere, except with the lights shining bright on white and lime-green walls and almost everyone playing board games at their tables. They're not advertised as a board game cafe, but they've got plenty to play while you wait or drink your tea. On a normal weekday, it's a lot quieter in there.

For the bubble tea, you can choose from a list of specialty and milk tea flavours, and then your toppings, which can include pearls, grass jelly and/or egg pudding. My go-to is the roasted rice and gyokuro, and I've also enjoyed the original black milk tea. Cost is generally about $5 apiece for the regular size. They also have brick toast and cakes, but haven't tried them.

Drinks sometimes take a while if you're beyond the 2nd or 3rd order in the queue, and at busy times they may run out of pearls (unless you're up for waiting 10-15 minutes while they're cooked up on a hot plate behind the counter), but there's a foosball table to play while you wait, so.