Specializing in Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine using traditional and contemporary techniques. Canadian soapstone is used as the primary cooking base.

Foods from Soul Stone


2016 Nov 6
Don't look now, but Orléans is starting to get some good restaurants...and this is one of them.

If you call and reserve at least 24 hours in advance, you can order the "Omakase", which in Jananese means "entrusting". The chef takes care of the rest. This was what we chose, and the chef spoke with me on the phone for a number of minutes to ask about allergies, sensitivities, and preferences. We have no allergies and are willing to try pretty much anything (save ridiculously spicy food), so we let them do their thing.

We arrived to a packed restaurant -- clearly word is getting around -- but only had to wait a minute or two before our table was ready. We ordered two sake martinis (smooth!) and then settled in for our multi-course meal.

I imagine that each Omakase meal varies a bit from day to day, but ours included an hors d'oeuvre that the staff have named "Really Good" until they can find a better name. It did justice to its current placeholder name. (Quick note: We were told this was "complementary", so I'm not sure whether this is usually included as a separate course in the Omakase.)

We moved on to a small plate of lightly fried "pancake" wedges with a bit of fish, garnish, and a drizzle of sauce. I can't recall the exact details about the ingredients and preparation, but I do remember the taste which was amazing. The pancake was light, the taste was fresh, and the spiciness was at exactly the right level -- present but pleasant.

Next was a Thai chicken soup. I always like Thai soups, but I really loved this one (and, again, the spiciness was right on the mark for me).

Next was the sushi course, a good portion of which was excellent sashimi. All of it was wonderful, but my favourite was the butterfish, which I had never tasted before.

The mains followed, presented on hot soapstone plates. One I believe was their Thai Basil dish, and the other was a Teriyaki, both served with Jasmine rice. Both were excellent, but the taste of the Teriyaki dish really stayed with me. In all sincerity, I woke up thinking about it the next morning.

The dessert course was a nice small plate of two lightly fried banana rolls with some ice cream with chocolate and caramel drizzle.

Service was very incredibly friendly and the dining area visually interesting yet welcoming.

In short, I highly encourage you to entrust your evening to the chef at Soul Stone and order the Omakase. If you're not ready for that kind of commitment, their regular menu looks very good and they mentioned that they also feature take-out and delivery.