In-house made ice cream. Around 12 flavours available at a time. Flavours change weekly. Available in cones (2 kinds) or cups. Eat-in space or sit outside at the few tables. Definitely family friendly, car and bike path accessible. Right off the Ottawa river bike path, just east of Britannia beach.

Foods from The Beachconers Microcreamery

2016 Sep 18
We stopped by today and had a pecan pie and a chocolate peanut butter cone. The service is delightful, there is no other word I can think of to describe it. It is good ice cream if you are a fan of Philadelphia style ice cream i.e. non-custard base. I prefer ice cream made with a custard base so will stick with the Purple Cow.

2016 Sep 1
Went for a bike ride this afternoon and discovered a new ice cream source. The Beachconers Microcreamery in Britannia village makes their own ice cream in house and it is creamy deliciousness! I had the peanut butter chocolate which was incredibly smooth, rich and creamy with lovely pieces of chocolate throughout. Wonderful combination and balance. My daughter had nutella cheesecake with drizzle. She described it as a really rich hazelnut chocolate flavour - much better than nutella. They had 12 flavours, which if you can't decide you can try a sample to help. Some of the flavours (didn't try more than one since I loved the first one!) were coffee, strawberry basil, maple pecan pie, classic chocolate and vanilla. They change the flavours weekly as they make them.

It was a good thing we were biking as this was decadent and rich stuff. It is right off the Ottawa River bike path just east of Britannia beach - at the corner of Britannia Rd and Howe St.


2016 Sep 4
It was the last Sunday bike day on the River Parkway so we celebrated by biking to Beachconers to try out their ice cream. I had the peach mint ice cream and it was great; it had a real/natural mint taste rather than the mint that you typically get in something like chocolate mint from the grocery store.

They are opening a coffee place on the other half of the ice cream parlour and it's currently under construction. It's a logical way to offset the seasonal nature of ice cream, and hopefully their coffee will be as good as their ice cream. They already offer cold brew coffee in stubbies along with other assorted drinks, and their ice cream is available in tubs.