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Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken at Ching's Kitchen
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2016 Oct 18
We have been back here a few times now and it's quickly becoming a hood favourite, be prepared to wait on Fri or Sat PM. I noticed they have added a taiwanese fried squid that I hope to try on my next visit.

My SO is addicted to the crispy fried chicken which features tender juicy dark meat breaded and fried with a cornflakes type mixture and served with a hot sauce sweet chili type dip. So good but not for anyone on a low sodium diet.

I tried the Ramen this time and although the presentation wasn't crazy (too much broth hiding deliciousness) it was actually the best Ramen I have ever tasted in Ottawa. The pork Belly was perfect and the noodles were fresh tasting/chewy the way Ramen noodles should be!

2016 Aug 20
This new restaurant on Somerset east of Bronson offers a delightful selection of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. As far as I can tell, the commonality between these countries is that they are all islands joined by the East China Sea (Korea isn't an island geographically but it is politically). We visited for lunch and our family of 4 feasted for $61+tip.

Here's what we had:

* Octopus Legs Kushiyaki (bottom right in pic)
* Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (see post under food item)
* Pork Bone Soup (top right) - Korean gamjatang (감자탕)
* Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (top left)
* Korean Glass Noodle (middle left) - japchae (잡채)
* Tonkotsu Ramen with Chasu (bottom left)

Everything was good to excellent. The Taiwanese food is probably the best in town. The Korean and Japanese foods we tried were not quite on par with Ottawa's best but they were still very tasty.

This is a perfect restaurant for those who want excellent Taiwanese food, or for groups that can't (or don't want to) make up their minds. In any case, the quality here is markedly better than any other pan-Asian options I'm aware of.


2016 Aug 20
Please do not skip this dish if you visit! It was so delicious that I'm already craving it again three hours later.

This is absolutely the best TPC I've ever had. Crunchy coating, succulent interior, and perfectly salty seasoning. I had to fight my kids for it. :D