Foods from The Soup Guy Café

2017 Jan 23
Last Saturday I headed to the Cineplex movie theatre at TD Place to see a matinée opera with a friend. We decided to have a bite to eat at The Soup Guy Café before the show. I had only been to the soft opening. My friend had already been there once just after the resto opened and she has been raving about it since so we made plans to go there for lunch.

The minute you walk in the soup counter is immediately facing you. The menu board is on the right and plastic serving trays are stacked below it so I grabbed one then headed off to check out the soup selection. There were 8 different soups on offer last Saturday and I could either get just a bowl of soup or a combo. The combos consist of soup and panini, soup and wrap, or soup and quiche. I opted for the soup and quiche combo. I chose the mediterranean chickpea lentil soup which had a nice spicy flavour to it. (I'm not familiar with the types of spices used in that cuisine but I am guessing they used harissa.) When I continued along they had two or three different types of wraps and a couple of quiches out - I was surprised to see there wasn't much of a selection. Not to worry though I spotted a quiche with bacon in it so that made my decision making much easier ;) The quiche was more frittata-like and had tons of bacon in it - awesome! My friend had the Manhattan clam chowder which she said she enjoyed very much and a chicken wrap which she also enjoyed. The only complaint we had is that our soups could have been a little hotter in temperature.

On another note The Soup Guy has recently opened a third location in the Byward Market on Wiliam Street. I believe it is sharing the same retail space as a chocolate shop.

2016 Sep 1
Next door to Glebe Meat Market

2016 Sep 1
Where exactly, is this place? I can't seem to find it.

2016 Aug 31
Soup Guy at the World Exchange is such a good lunch time option that I was very pleased to see them opening in the Glebe.

Visited Sat - Aug 20th for an early lunch. Half a dozen soups on offer, the corn bread was still baking, salads coming from the kitchen in prep for lunch service. Interior is cheerful, well organized, some patio seating out front. Licensed.

Had the jiggs dinner and a fresh bun. Served in a lovely mug style bowl.

Many familiar faces on the staff from the World Exchange. Spoke briefly to Claudio to welcome him to the Glebe. They know it will be a learning experience to run a full service restaurant rather than in a food court. Working out what and when customers will be interested in for a neighbourhood setting. Their first Redblack game day experience was very positive.

Definitely worth a visit for breakfast, lunch or light supper.

2016 Aug 27
Just an update on The Soup Guy Cafe. The only time soup was not provided was during the soft opening. I passed by last Thursday on my way to the Redblacks game and soup, among other things, are on the menu.

EDIT: The Soup Guy Café is in fact owned by the same man that owns the Soup Guy restaurant in the World Exchange Plaza.

2016 Aug 24
I know right?

Tho PastaLover is probably correct downthread about why.

2016 Aug 23
I'm confused--is this The Soup Guy from World Exchange Plaza? And he has no soup?

2016 Aug 4
i can't quite decide whether he's a business mastermind or the opposite of that.

2016 Aug 4
OSoloMeal My thoughts exactly;) But I was on the way to TD Place last Sunday for a Redblacks game and I'm pretty sure the owner was capitalizing on the fact there were 24,000 potential customers in the neighborhood and hastily threw together a menu to promote his business. By using non-soup menu items to promote a soup café;)

2016 Aug 4
Wait wait wait wait wait...

The Soup Guy.

Opened the Soup Guy Café.


Is that even allowed?

Sure, soft open, whatever... NO SOUP????