Soft Serve Ice Cream at Chocolats Favoris
Soft Serve Ice Cream at Chocolats Favoris
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2017 Jun 25
Took younger child to Chocolats Favoris today after dropping eldest off for summer camp. We we both a bit disappointed. The ice cream itself was not great - the strawberry flavour was very artificial tasting, and the vanilla was just ok. The chocolate dip itself is too thick for my taste, and still too sweet for me. I did appreciate that they have a "bebe" size which was still plenty of dessert.


2016 Aug 22

2016 Aug 19
Here is an in-progress oral deconstruction of the dipped cone, highlighting the thickness of dip and that pure creamy white that is calling to me like some sort of silky soft serve siren song! 🍦

2016 Aug 19
The ongoing soft serve dip craze of 2016 continues with the Orleans opening earlier this year of Ontario's first Chocolats Favoris location.

I finally had a chance to check it out last night. My impressions in point form:

* There was a lineup to just inside the door but we got through in less than 10 minutes.
* Do your research -- there isn't much time to choose a dip!
* I think there were 5 sizes: Baby, Mini, Small, Medium, Large.
* The soft serve is THE BEST ever. It's the only one I've encountered that is as good or better than the one at La Crémière.
* The dip is thick; you have to bite through it and it is not very easy to eat.

The chocolate coating is of relatively good quality, much like a Magnum ice cream bar. It is waaaay better than the waxy stuff you get at most places. This dessert ends up being more of an ice cream filled chocolate bar than a standard dipped cone (not a bad thing!).

Both the ice cream and the chocolate were of distinctly better quality than what I had at La Diperie in Montreal last weekend. Sure, La Diperie has more toppings and dip choices, but the foundation doesn't measure up. Now I'm very curious to check out Toronto's Sweet Jesus in the Byward Market!

Pictured here is my "Small" vanilla soft serve, dipped in Hazelnut Praliné coating. $4.50+HST. As a dipped cone, it was just too big for me. I'd get a Mini next time or go for the Small without dip. Or I'd experiment with getting it in a cup with a spoon.

Let's hope they open in the west end of town too. They would make a brisk business in Kanata!