Tags: Canadian · Patio · Quebec · Vegetarian
Café-bistro with local beers, burgers, poutine and sandwiches.

Le Foubrac
Poutine at Le Foubrac
Burger at Le Foubrac
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2018 Aug 19
Le Foubrac continues to offer tasty and fresh burgers. I had the Grilled Chicken burger with a side of mushroom covered poutine. It was a lot of food. I nonetheless proceeded to order a cheesecake which was very good.

Poutine 2


2016 Aug 4
A bit salty but oh very satisfying poutine with warm sauce and chewy cheese curds!

2016 Jun 3
A hidden gem, opened by a chef who worked at Le Troquet. The burgers are amazing. Pictured is a grilled chicken burger with caramelized onions, and mushrooms. The bun was soft enough to chew in easily but had consistence. They use really good mayonnaise. I didn't need ketchup as I usually would! Burgers are sold individually and sides of fries, soup or salads can be ordered. The sizes are pretty big. It's satisfying and good to the last bite!