Gourmet hot dogs, corn dogs, poutine with many different toppings, hush puppies (regular and dessert), grilled cheese sandwiches.

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The Corny Dog
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2016 May 28
The corn dog

2016 May 28
OK trying this from my phone. For dog good but a bit over cooked. Poutine huge (mine was a snack size) and you have choice of gravy. Place was empty at noon, so go before they go out of business.

2016 May 24
Rizak, please advise your arteries that their sacrifice for our cause will not be forgotten.

And now i must go eat here. Because hush puppies.

2016 May 23
I arrived today around 1:30, on Victoria Day, and it was completely empty, as I had hoped. I wanted it all to myself.

I ordered 3 items, to make a decent sampling.
- jalapeño corn dog
- hush puppies
- bacon me crazy poutine

This, plus a big bottle of iced tea was just over $20. That's pretty good value for the money, I have to say. WAY better (both value and taste) than what I got at Wassup Dog. Sure, it's a bit of a drive out to Barrhaven for me, but there have to be people in Barrhaven who read these reviews.

First, let me say that the service was attentive, genial, and prompt. I mean, I was hanging around the counter waiting while it was all made fresh, to order, and there was nobody else in the shop, but I love to get a look at a decent kitchen. This one was expertly laid out and all of the MANY toppings and dressings looked amazingly fresh.

It was perfectly clean. Certainly uncontaminated by customers. ;)

The corn dog was a nice coarse grind batter that added a nice crunch to the dog. It was a standard hot dog, but the batter made it much better. I could see some little green flecks of the jalapeños, but didn't really notice any heat. Maybe it was just me.

The hush puppies were very fresh, and made from the same un-jalapeñoed batter, and were a bit too dry for my liking. Nothing wrong with them, really. I just think that a finer grind might make for better hush puppies. Again, maybe that's just me.

The poutine was a really good size. I got the personal size, which is the second smallest of 4. I had to take half of it home. With 2 generous scoops of real bacon bits poured on top, and a lovely, dark gravy, this was pretty much everything I wanted in a poutine. I know I sometimes poo poo additions to poutine, but sometimes I don't. The bacon wasn't too flavourful, which is the usual way with real bacon bits. The amount used was just right. I didn't feel cheated by a skimpy amount, and I didn't feel sick from bacon overload.

Overall, I have to say I am very satisfied with this place. I made a special trip to get out there to try it out, and I wasn't disappointed. Whenever I'm out there again, I'll definitely drop in.

The hot dog menu has jumbo, sausage, and vegetarian options as well.

2016 May 23
Here is the Bacon Me Crazy poutine, personal size. There are 2 sizes larger than this. I believe they are the Family and the Warby.

The fries were perfect. Just the right thickness that when they're cooked they get nice and brown on the ends and have a good crunch.

2016 May 23
The nicely well-done jalapeño corn dog with one choice of about 20 dipping sauces.

2016 May 23
Good and brown, these hush puppies would make a delicious dessert with a little chocolate sauce or some lemon and cinnamon sugar.