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2017 Jul 18
I think this was the lamb curry special with a side of samosa and a drink for $15. It was a lot of food. I took the samosa home to eat later.

The curry was flavourful and the lamb of as tender.

Service is indeed a little bit slow but still worth it. Definitely a good addition to the downtown core and an option for lunch.

2016 May 21
Here is a link to their website & menu:

Opened on Bank St (near Gloucester- beside Bread and Sons) a few weeks ago.

This is quickly becoming the office lunch spot. It is slow, but food has been great. The best deal so far, is samosa chaat for $2.99. It is chickpea curry, with a samosa on top, yogurt and fresh onions and coriander. A good portion size and you could easily add a second samosa to it.

Another good lunch option is the Aloo Tikki - a fried mashed potato cake, on chickpea curry ($4.99).

Ordered dinner for 2 using 'Skip the dishes', everything was great, except the naan. The naan is fried and greasy, so best to skip.

Lunch has been busy since they opened, so if you can get there before noon or after 1pm, you won't have to wait as long.