A new retro-styled coffee shop opened by Josephine, former Head Baker @ Auntie Loo's. Little Jo Berry's offers vegan bakery treats, sandwiches, and a variety of coffees.

Little Jo Berry's - Coffee & Eats
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2017 Mar 31
Whether you're vegan or not, I can guarantee you'll fall in love with these treats. One of the most popular places for vegans in O-town. They also have many gluten-free options and are accommodating in general I find.

My absolute favourites are the homemade poptarts and Lemon Blueberry Crinkle!

2016 May 21
Kid and I stopped in. He had the choco-sprinkle donut which seemed to be a baked cake in the shape of a donut, with chocolate frosting & sprinkles. I had the vanilla cake in the shape of a twinkie. The filling of the twinkie cake was light and fresh, but for both treats, the cake was dry. Neither was overly sweet, but I wished it was sweeter. Both needed some flavour, other than dry.

For two treats, normal sized, it was $7.90. I won't be hurrying back. Too expensive, too dry and bland.

2016 May 3
"Jo Berry Twinkie"
"cinnamon toast brunch"
"playfully sprinkled berry pop-tarts"

Paging Rizak, tantrum requested in aisle 3, paging Rizak.

I'm gonna have to check this out, even though the mention of vegan breakfast sandwiches has left a couple of permanent frown lines on this beautiful mug of mine.

2016 May 3
I was excited to finally get to check out Little Jo Berry's on Wellington (in the bagel shop, holland area of wellington west).

They had opened about a month ago and it had been on my to eat list ever since it popped up on my reader after reading this ottawa magazine article early March:


Since it was my Significant others Bday this week I thought what better way to reminisce then with a retro pastry of childhood so I went on a mission to have a coffee date with W.C. to check out the digs determined to bring back a Jo Berry Twinkie or Pop Tart that i had been hearing so much hype about.

The offerings in the display were all drool worthy and we had a hard time deciding on our treat to go with coffee (I had a lovely Americano whilst Mom opted for Brewed which she said was full-bodied and tasty) we ended up with the Lemon Blueberry Crinkle and it did not disappoint. The base was somewhere between oat bar and shortbread pastry with a thick layer of flavourful Blueberry topped with a nice crumble that had a tasty lemony glaze. Delicious but best eaten with a fork as recommended by our bubbly barista.

As for the take-home Bday Surprise I wasn't sure banana choco twinkie was going to be a hit with my SO (looked delicious to me) so I decided that one of the playfully sprinkled berry pop-tarts was the treat of choice and I'm so glad I picked it. The Pastry was flaky and delicious and the filling full of not too sweet berry goodness offset by the generous squish of icing on top! I will definitely be excited to try other flavours.

Sandwiches and Breakfast sandwiches also looked very nice and I will be happy to try more goods on our next visit! Everything looked so tasty, bakery items ranging from donuts, scones, pop-tarts, twinkies, and punfully cute pastry named cinnamon toast brunch! I'm told that the offerings daily are similar but with constantly changing flavours.

Looks like operations are well under way at the new Little Jo Berry's - If you can't resist dessert like me you probably should put one of those Pop-tarts in your face soon!