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Phở at Pho TJ
Hủ Tiếu at Pho TJ
Foods from Pho TJ

2016 Feb 19
Off to a promising start at this fresh restaurant in the heart of Stittsville. I opted for a medium hủ tiếu (chicken broth soup with rice noodle) with shrimp and BBQ pork ($9.95).

This broth was exceptionally pure, with no noticeable MSG component and a light richness that spoke of quality base ingredients. The other components were great too, with four plump shrimp, tender slices of pork, and stalks of young bok choy lounging on a submerged bed of rice noodles.

I'm very much looking forward to exploring the rest of their menu. Will report back here!

2016 Apr 16
The pho with grilled beef is positively droolworthy! Top notch flavourful delicate broth and tasty bits of grilled lemongrass marinated beef.

I'm very happy when I have an excuse to come here for lunch!!