Pizza at Crust & Crate Public House
Pizza at Crust & Crate Public House
Pizza at Crust & Crate Public House
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2017 Apr 23
Roberto, Tennessee Willems...

2017 Jun 2
Love both Anthony's and Crust and Crate. IMO Anthony's is closer to true Neapolitan style but Crust and Crate is one of my top picks at Landsdown, great ambiance, decoration, friendly knowledgeable classy service, variety of dishes (anyone can find something yummy on the menu). My go to is the veggie "not your grandma's garden pizza". Photo is minus ramp, I usually customize to fav veggetables (i.e. no ramp) which they kindly accomodate. Portions are great and I usually have enough for a lunch or dinner the next day to take home:)))

2017 Apr 25
Osolo Anthony'so is another that is better for the same price and wood fired.

2017 Apr 23
"... for the same price one can get much better in the city"

Ok, l'll bite.... where do you consider better for the same price?

2017 Apr 23
Top: Mario's Shopping Cart (prosciutto, parmesan, pear, arugula, balsamic)

Bottom: That's So Italian (sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushroom)

Both pizzas were tasty and the toppings were plentiful and of good quality. I'm not a huge fan of sweet pizza so the Italian was preferred. The crust is slightly thicker than other pizza-centric restaurants in the city which makes it quite filling even though it's only an ~8 inch pie. All in all they make a good pie however for the same price one can get much better in the city.

2016 Aug 13
Stopped in early Friday evening to check this place out. Driving through Lansdowne we noticed that parking close to the restaurant was only good for an hour so we decided to park on an adjacent street and walk in. Nice atmosphere with the high commercial ceiling look. Only a few tables were occupied when we arrived but the hostess still sat us right beside the kitchen. I asked our server why we were seated by the kitchen and he asked where we would like to sit but at that moment the last booth was filled so we stayed put. Service was quick and not overbearing. Started with the 3 meatballs that were golf ball sized topped with a light tomato sauce and a bit of shaved parmesan on a bed of polenta. Polenta was a tad oily. Pizzas were small about 8 in in diameter cooked in an open gas oven that was viewable from our seating location. Toppings were plentiful but the crust was on the dry flavourless side lacking that desirable chewy consistency so pleasant to the palate. I was surprised no fresh mozzarella was available as a topping. I must be getting old, after two alcoholic beverages an app and two pizzas the bill came out to $70. Gone are the days of cheap pizza night out.