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Mandarin Buffet Restaurant
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Oct 19
I have been coming to the 10th line location despite 2 other new locations because the quality is consistent and service has only improved over time. We came here for my dadís birthday and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food. We caught the end of the moon festival specials: roast duck, mooncakes, and a few other special items.

2015 Oct 16
We headed out as a group last night to check out the newly opened Mandarin Buffet on 10th Line. I had heard about the line-ups from a friend so made a reservation and was it ever a good plan. Up to an hour wait without reservations and the lobby was chaos! Upon finding the hostess stand in the sea of people we were able to check in for our reservation and were seated within 2 minutes.

The restaurant is divided into 4 dining Rooms on the side with the Buffet and and Lobby/bar area located in the middle. Our hostess was very informative and had the charm of a freshly hired teen who faltered a couple times with her one liners. We were seated in Dining Lounge "A" - "A" for Awesome as she explained. Cute.

The Buffet is divided into multiple stations. The stations include 2 Chinese food hot buffets, salad bar, sushi station, soup station, Roast Beef and Hot food (Canadian style items including fries, garlic bread, and pizza). Then there were the desserts which to be honest was my favourite part. Huge Ice Cream section, Chilled dessert section, bakery/pastry area and Fro-Yo Machine. Win!

The food was hot, fresh, and abundant. Everything was underwhelmingly seasoned especially the chow mein. Non-authentic Canadian style Chinese food a plenty. Everything you would expect from a buffet - if you are a chicken ball and red sauce fan this is the place for you. My Brother was disappointed that they do not offer Cotton Candy as mentioned on the website and like the Toronto locations.

My favourite dish was Thai mango salad and the Korean style chicken. The sushi was tasty and fresh as well. The Boys loved the breaded torpedo shrimp and made sure to eat their 24$ worth.

As with many new establishments they are still working out the service but overall was good considering how packed the place was. Our drinks didn't arrive until our second round of food - the server explained the bar was extremely backed up. Each dining room had 3-4 servers but in ours it seemed only 2 had any idea what was going on. Everyone was very friendly despite any issues. I really enjoyed the Singapore Sling cocktail (pictured).

Overall based on the wait times and my preference towards more authentic styled Asian Fare I think I will stick to Somerset St for now. I could definitely see this being a good location for a group setting.