Foods from Beechwood Gastropub

2014 Dec 3
Hi I returned to the Beechwood G-pub and had their burger, wife had the smoked trout. My burger and fries were OK, but the food arrived not exactly piping hot. The beef in my burger was pureed, no other way to describe it. It had the consistency of cat food. A very weird mouth-feel experience. Wife liked her trout, compared it favourably to Fraser Cafe's very reliable trout dish.

2014 Nov 30
My friend lives nearby so he was excited that there was a gastropub opening in his hood, so we went to check it out last night.

The place was packed with the young, hip & beautiful. Not falling into any of those categories, we felt a bit out of place.

They had 5 beers on tap:
Millstreet 100th Meridian
Spearhead Moroccan Brown
Kichesippi Blonde
One other that I forget - possibly a stout

Our server explained the menu items were small plates and that we'd need 2 or 3 of them. At around $15 a pop for the ones I was interested in, I decided to just go for two.

The crab fritters were excellent. Deep fried balls of crabby goodness with a little side salad and chipotle mayo.

Then I had the steak frites. The steak was good and I don't know what type of potato they used for the frites, but they were some of the best tasting I've had in a long time.

I don't normally go for dessert, but I wasn't as full as I'd hoped so I had the chocolate cake. I don't think they baked it there & then but it sure did take a while to come out. While pleasant enough it was essentially a brownie cut in quarters with some cream & caramel. For $10 it was a bit of a disappointment. I should have just gone with that third savoury small plate after all.

The service was a bit erratic. There seemed to be a lot of running about without much getting done. Maybe the large table next to us who seemed rather 'high maintenance' didn't help.

All in all, I can't fault the (non dessert) food, apart from the value for money. It wasn't really to atmosphere for us to lounge around and quaff some pints (although I was enjoying the beer very much) so we adjourned to the Clocktower over the road.

Gastro? Yes. Pub? No.

This is essentially yet another 'small plates' restaurant that has called itself a gastropub to sound a bit different.


2014 Nov 6
Just came from lunch. Good service at the bar. Had a steak/frites dish. Nice tender steak, rare, good frites and red wine sauce, I believe. A bit on the small side, but for 16$ pretty good. Had a couple of pints of Spearhead Moroccan Brown. A bit pricy at 8$ a glass +tax. 36$ w/tax before tip for lunch.