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2018 Feb 6
Was considering trying the new location in Westboro but after seeing those photos and this review I'll probably stick to $3 Dr. Oetker.

2018 Feb 4
This was the chicken one.

2018 Feb 4
Went to the new Westboro location last night. Skimpy toppings, dry crust. Won't be back. This was the "carnivore" one. My BBQ chicken had pieces of very dry overcooked chicken breast on it.

2015 Aug 6
Nice little cafeteria-style restaurant with a few good beers on tap, friendly staff, efficient operation. The pizzas are quite reasonably priced and of decent quality. Not at the wood-fired pizzeria level but still nicer than the thin crust product at non-specialty restaurants.

I had the Magik Mushroom ($11.45) which was a yummy umami overload of mushrooms, truffle oil, and parmesan cheese.

One strange pricing anomaly that my son noticed: the base pizza is $6.95 with choice of cheese including fiori di latte and the option of free fresh basil added after baking. BUT, my daughter's Margherita pizza cost $7.95. Maybe the extra dollar gets you a larger quantity of basil than the free version? In any case, this is a good price!

This is a good spot for a quick bite to eat. If I worked nearby, it would totally be in my lunchtime rotation.

2014 Sep 22
I had the picante calabrese and my wife had the carbonara. We both thoroughly enjoyed the pizzas. Perfect size for lunch (might need a side for dinner). My wife, who being from Montreal typically dislikes most Ottawa pizza joints, found this to be her favourite thin crust pizza (sorry zazaza, you've been demoted to second). Washed the pizzas down with pints of Kich, delicious.

2014 Aug 22
Shared a “Bella Prosciutto” and a custom (red sauce, mushrooms, green olives and fiori di latte mozzarella) on a perfect summer day. Liked the combination of flavours from the prosciutto, blue cheese and rosemary on the Bella. Pizzas were good (but IMHO don’t beat Tennessy Willems).

What sold me on this place are the huge garage doors that can be opened to make a seamless indoor/outdoor space – add pizza and beer and you can’t get much better than that!

2014 Aug 17
Really enjoyed my entire experience! Service was quick, staff was super friendly, and the pizza was amazing. I grabbed the Capri Pesto off their regular menu, but you can customize your pizza however you like. They assemble everything right in front of you, and the gas stove faces out so you can see your pizza baking.

The prices are fair, local ingredients are used when possible, and the business donates to community charities. Check them out.

2014 Aug 8
Very decent place in the market to grab pizza. Service is fast despite the Friday lunch crowd. Half Pint of Kichesippi available which is ideal when you don't want a full pint before heading in a meeting after lunch. Ordered the Spicy Calabrese...topping are good nothing special since the hot peppers are just regular jarred peppers. Price are very fair for Market location.

Will probably be back for lunch.

2014 Aug 4
I went to Fiazza Fresh Fired on Saturday before last. My friend and I checked out the menu in advance online, but did check out the menu there. We approached the cafeteria style counter and I ordered the magik mushroom (Local Organic Mushrooms, Red Sauce, Fiazza Cheese Blend, Italian Truffle Oil, Padano Parmesan), and my friend had the pepperoni. I also picked up a side of their aioli. We grabbed a seat and they brought us our pizzas in a short time. We didn't observe flies or wasps inside the restaurant during out visit. The pizzas were good, my friend loved her pepperoni. I had subbed the red sauce for the roasted garlic EVOO on mine, but I think the next time I'll stick with the red sauce. I'd go again if I am downtown, because it's affordable and not pub food.

2014 Aug 3
Stopped in early on a Sunday evening around 5pm. This is an order and watch it made place like Mucho Burrito except for pizza. We decided to get a make your own with fresh mozzarella and green olives along with two of their speciality pies a Margharita and a Carnivore. You pull up to the counter and you can see the previously stretched dough stacked on peels (drying out) waiting to be dressed then down the counter to the oven to be fired. No wood in this oven strictly gas so you do not get any smokiness. The favorite was the carnivore with the tasty bacon the star of the show with honourable mention to the sausage and pepperoni. The toppings are good quality with a nice tomato sauce that was not overpowering. These are not that filling so I was able to eat the better part of two pizzas and not feel bloated. My only issue was the crust needed a bit of work, being without much texture not holding up to the toppings(soggy) and a tad on the dry side where toppings didn't reach. Would I make a special trip for this za, probably not with the parking issues of the market and cafeteria style ambiance of swatting away a few friendly flies and wasps didn't make for great conversation. On a positive note they did have wine and Kichesippi on tap.

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2017 Feb 4
Oh, I should have been more clear. I scarfed the whole thing down while the sensible people I was with saved a quarter for later!

2017 Feb 4
"save the last quarter for later"

...who are you and what have you done to warby you monster?

2017 Feb 3
Still a solid lunch choice. ~$9-13 gets you a personal sized pie that you can either scarf down as is or be sensible and save the last quarter for later.

I had the blackboard special, "Pico Mi Chorizo," which featured Fiazza cheese blend, red sauce, red onions, banana peppers, deli-style sliced chorizo, and a post-oven topping of pico de gallo. Overall it was a tasty and veggie-rich option but I found the sharp onion flavour rather rudely overstayed its welcome in my gullet.

The mushroom pizza is really the one to get!

2015 Jan 26
Really good pizza, not to pricy, descent portion. Been there twice so far. Everything prepared in front of you and it cooks up real fast in that open gas oven they got. Biggest plus is you can ask for free fresh basil after they take it out of the oven. Definitely my favourite casual pizza joint in Ottawa right now.