Orchid Sushi
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2014 Jun 26
I tried this place finally....I love sushi in they're right in my neighborhood so it seemed to make sense.

They were basically empty at noon, located steps from minto food court and Angry Dragonz (who had a very long line).

The place was clean. The people were friendly.

I ordered take away, I got an avocado roll ($3.50), a tofu/ginger/cucumber roll ($4.25) and an order of the shrimp salad roll ($5.95).

The sushi rolls were okay, fresh. The shrimp salad roll however was a let down. I have never had one cut before. Regardless it was basically inedible. Difficult to separate pieces as they had 'glued' themselves together. The shrimp didn't taste fresh. Even my cat wouldn't eat it.

I'll go back and give them another try, I'll just steer clear of their salad rolls.