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2019 Jun 23
So I went back. It is very good. Super nice people running the place as well. This time I tried the chicken thighs and the brisket sandwich (again). The chicken thighs were $3 each and were beautifully smoked and basted with a very good sweet bbq sauce. The seasoning was perfect. The brisket sandwich is still my favourite with beautiful smoky slices/chunks of meat doused in a sweet, peppery bbq sauce and served on a brioche bun. This is a top drawer sandwich and worth the visit all by itself.

2018 Sep 5
We stopped after some great recommendations. I was not disappointed. I only had the brisket sandwich and the baked beans. The brisket was smoky and just the right balance of salt and sweet. The bun held up quite well with the help of the paper wrapper. Baked beans were also good and on the sweeter side. I am looking forward to going back.

2015 Jun 5
Finally got out here for lunch today. I had the brisket sandwich and beans. The sandwich was really good. Excellent brisket, and a really good bun, with just enough sauce - not too much to overwhelm the brisket. The beans were good. I would have loved to have some meat scraps in there - but that is not how they make them. Overall - real bbq, real good!

2015 Feb 18
This place is called Little Red Shack now. I've been there several times and have tried almost everything on the menu. I love BBQ and I admit I have not visited the southern USA so all I have to compare it with is a few places around Ottawa. I really really like the food here and can't wait to get back. If I had to single one thing out, it's the beans. They taste magical, smoky, molasses-y and really nice texture. Right now it's over a 30 minute drive for me but need to get back asap.

2014 Apr 6
Decided to take one for the team and went here for lunch. For $10 all in, this is what we got. The pulled pork sandwich needed salt and could have used more sauce. The macaroni and cheese was good, not great as opposed to the beans, which were excellent. The corn muffins were very dry. So, a bit of a mixed bag. If I were in the area and I was hungry I would consider stopping in for lunch but would not go out of my way. The portions were generous.

2014 Apr 5
It's super high on my list of places to try in the next week or two! I will of course report back here. :-)

Check out the brisket they had on offer today: twitter.com

2014 Apr 5
Has anyone tried this place?

2015 Jun 5
Brisket sandwich was full of smokey goodness. Just a bit of sauce, made it perfect!


2014 Apr 10
I am SO going to make these corn muffins. The ones at Double D's made me sad, too, For corn lovers, I have a recipe for corn cookies from the Momofuku cookbook that I would like to post if someone can tell me where to post it. Or, you can find it on the Cooking Channel web site. They are out of this world good.

2014 Apr 10
This is pulled pork that has been properly smoked and isn't overly sweet or wet. The portion I had was almost on the dry side but I quite like it that way and it was tasty.

Slaw was excellent: rough chopped cabbage strips and finely shredded carrot in a Thousand-Island-like dressing.

The mac and cheese was okay but not great. Quite velveeta-ish. I'd definitely try the beans next time.

The corn muffins made me sad. They were dryish and the only discernible flavour was a hint of smoke. I didn't even eat them all. A shame because mini corn muffins can be incredible! Like these: wiki.ottawafoodies.com

So a bit of a mixed bag, but totally worth trying. Great pulled pork and slaw!