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2019 Jun 6
The coconut shrimp just ended decades of atheism.

2019 Jun 5
Can confirm that Streat is still amazing...

But, whatever you do don't go this Friday, they are definitely not serving duck burgers and I won't be driving back from Tremblant as quickly as possible to get one before they sell out.

2015 Dec 14
EnglishFoodie Thanks for the tip! I recall seeing that duck confit waffle on the menu but, alas, I had a class that day and was nowhere near Streat Gourmet. I am patiently waiting for it to make a reappearance... Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

2015 Dec 14
Pasta Lover,

I have skipped birthday lunches and left meetings early to make sure I am at Streat before noon for Duck Burger day every time it makes the menu.

About a month ago they did a play on Chicken and waffles with Duck Confit, waffles, beets and a Franks/Maple Syrup sauce. Keep an eye out for that one if it ever comes up again.

2015 Dec 11
One of my favourite food trucks is Ottawa Streat Gourmet. I have even "liked" their page on facebook, surfing in every Monday morning to find out their weekly specials and I plan my lunches accordingly. This week they mentioned they would be serving a duck confit sandwich featured on the current Ottawa Magazine's dish list. Today was my lucky day - it was on the menu - so off I went to sample it. It came with a choice of sides including curried squash soup, grain salad, or potato salad with bacon and arugula. I chose the potato salad option with thick chunks of bacon and a little arugula as a garnish. The salad was excellent. The burger itself had rich, crispy duck meat, it was garnished with a crisp celeriac remoulade with a nice sharp mustard, and it was served in a soft bun from Second Avenue Sweets. It was so good I was scraping every last bit of sauce from the bottom of the containter ;) This burger has now bumped my former favourite tandoori salmon burger to second place. I have never had a bad meal at Streat Gourmet and they continue to outdo themselves.

2014 Jul 24
Finaly stopped by to try their famous grilled cheese day. Long lines...incredible how this truck has become so popular downtown.

Ordered the Pancetta, Provolone with Tomato pesto grilled cheese with a side of macaroni, Sausage and Kale salad.

Grilled cheese was packed with flavour but a little too salty for me. Still very good. They also had the a multiple cheese with grandma's chutney which sounded very good.

Salads as always aare mazing...Brian is the best salad maker in Ottawa. Lol

2014 Mar 5
Their soups are my go-to on cold days when i need hearty comfort soup that eats like a meal.

2014 Mar 5
This truck has become my got to spot for lunches on the go. Menu changes daily and the food is always fresh and tasty and portions are good.

Pic is Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower/Broccoli with side cheese sauce.