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1465 Merivale Road / 613.224.2929

Ghana House Cuisine
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2018 Oct 21
Even though this place has closed permanently, Iíd still like to post a posthumous takeout lunch review. Their curry goat (around $16.00 including soft drink and taxes) was very good, with lots of mildly spiced and meaty goat chunks layered on top of an excellent rice pilaf. The accompanying fried plantains werenít done in the Caribbean style; they were made with very ripe, soft and sweet plantains. The dining area was small, spare and clean, and the restaurant staff were kind. I was the only customer there at noon on a Saturday. Places like this help provide a more complete and varied food scene in Ottawa, so itís sad to see them go.

2015 Jan 18
This was my second time ordering food from Ghana House and unfortunately with the same result. The food is good!! I ordered the jerk chicken with rice and beans. BUT and for me a large BUT: the size of the chicken portions was very, very small. Basically two small drumsticks and then about a pound of rice/peas. The chicken was gone in about 30 seconds and I just ate rice for like 10 minutes.

I want to support this place, the people working are nice, but for $13 I expect more chicken, so I won't be back unless things change.

2014 Jan 28
another friendly take-out deserving of a vendor spot on OF, GHC serves up inexpensive and tasty food calorically designed for pushing cars out of snowbanks and other herculean winter feats - and those are (just) the vegetarian dishes. There's even a flatscreen tuned to Senator's games to prime the spirit.

and yes, their website's still "under construction". Just go and spend $10-12 already to see if you like their food.