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2015 May 14
Had a chicken shawarma here tonight - delicious, grilled before wrapping, packed full of tasty food. I could not even think about getting myself a platter - waayyy too much food! Oh but they looked so good as they were being prepared.
I just wish they had beer to wash it down with.

2013 Nov 12
This was the nicest shawarma restaurant I've ever been to. Formerly the location of Tucson's, they've redone it completely and it's impressive, however the decor was the best part.

I stopped in and picked up a chicken shawarma plate to go and the start of the noon rush. The spits were full and the counters and food area clean. Unfortunately, the sides were the best part. The chicken was dry and I had a few bites and left the majority of the chicken untouched. The rice and potatoes were good. The hummus was a little bit too creamy for my taste - it almost dripped when lifted with fork.

Maybe their beef is better?

2014 Aug 19
Massive chicken shawarma plate.

Largest I ever had ... including the huge one at Shawarma Palace (Carling). South Keys location heaped on the chicken !

No wonder they have the self serve styrofoam take-away containers at the order counter.

If I tried to finish it I would probably be moaning, or, at the very least, have to let my belt out a notch.