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2017 Aug 15
Lunch bratwurst platter for $16 featured lots of sausage, a nice salad, a good sized potato patty, and a little pile of addictively pickled cucumber slices. 👌

2017 Jul 18
Yellowfin tuna with Israeli couscous made for a flavourful and satisfying weekday lunch! The dressings worked well with both the arugula and the tuna.

They have bright reddish-orange patio umbrellas and as a result I couldn't get the white balance of the image to work out properly. The food looked more appetizing in real life!

2015 Aug 14
My wife and I visited for an impromptu Friday lunch. I had the Curry Wurst ($13, pictured). This was an unexpectedly generous and delicious board containing a small refreshing salad, a large pile of fries dotted with delicious aioli and curry ketchup, and two large grilled bratwurst! Flavourful and satisfying. Two thumbs up!

To drink, I had the Maple Old Fashioned ($9), which contained enough bourbon and goodness to make me happy. My wife enjoyed her glass of similarly boozy and enjoyable white sangria ($8).

Excellent food, nice presentation, and great value, make this one of my favourite ByWard Market restaurants.

2014 Jul 17
Enjoyed lunch there today, smelts and salad. Very tasty ! Service was great.

2014 Feb 7
Visited for lunch on a Thursday. Pictured here is the German Burger -- a very nice spin on the classic hamburger, with a ground pork patty, tangy shredded cabbage garnish, and grainy mustard. The combination of side fries and side salad was nice too.

I'd describe the flavours as light and mild. Would I order this over a rich beefy burger? No, but that's just me. I like bold flavourful foods.

The soup of the day was a white bean and cheese soup that was absolutely wonderful.

Prices for lunch are reasonable for the quality -- in the mid teens for most plates.

2014 Jan 10
Decided to try Das Lokal for dinner with three women friends. Very nice warm ambiance at night! Our server was enthusiastic and knew the menu. Two of us had BC salmon app with crème fraiche and dark bread, the third the onion tart. All were excellent. For mains, one duck confit, one flat iron steak, one rabbit and one vegetarian main with spaghetti squash, rosti, and other goodies. The duck confit was declared excellent, the veggie entrée was equally well received. Sadly, the rabbit was dry, but when it was pointed out to the server she very quickly made a substation of duck confit. I had the flat iron steak on a bed of yummy mashed potatoes and a side of wilted greens. It was PERFECT. The place was busy but service was prompt and professional. With lots of wine, $60-75 pp. What a treat in a brutal January!

2013 Nov 6
Went to Das Lokal for lunch today. On Dalhousie north of St. Patrick where KFC once was. There is a large surface parking lot.

Place was packed and everyone in the place seemed in fine spirits. Excellent enthusiastic wait staff. Chef and an owner were circulating the room after the lunch rush getting feedback.

Our group had fish chowder, Onion Tart with 3 kinds of caramelized onions, smoked wild BC salmon. and we shared ALL the three deserts. Panna Cotta, Apple Tarte, and Black Forest Ice Cream Cake.

All our food was delicious, and I was particularly to see sustainable fish on the menu. I've stopped eating farmed salmon, so enjoyed the wild BC stuff.

We each had a main, some wine, 3 deserts for 4 people, lattes and sparkling water so it was not a cheap meal, nor was it fast. But it was lovely and we will all be back.