A lounge bar in the Novotel offering cocktails, craft beers, in-house charcuterie, and a seasonal menu.

The Albion Rooms
Charcuterie at The Albion Rooms
Charcuterie at The Albion Rooms
Dessert at The Albion Rooms
The Albion Rooms
The Albion Rooms
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2018 Aug 31
Finally made it back to the Albion Rooms and again only good things to say. Their charcuterie is, I believe, the best in Ottawa! We had the Scotch Egg as well.

I also tried the "Changing of the Guard" drink, however I also had two other cocktails (one was infused with smoke and was fabulous).

I was full enough that I couldn't order any other dishes; but I guess that means I have to go back :)

The only negative I have are the chairs on the patio are not very comfy.

2018 May 24
I find myself dipping into the Albion Rooms more and more frequently, mostly because the cocktails are inventive and the bartenders are so friendly. If I'm feeling peckish, I usually order off the small plate menu and it hasn't disappointed yet. I've tried their "peas and carrots" (infused with pistachios and a delicious dukkah-spiced yogurt) and their stuffed peppers (pictured), which contain smoked chickpeas, ricotta and sunflower seeds, and mushroom duxelles. Small plates start at $12, which might be a bit pricey when you get only three stuffed peppers, but they are flavourful and delicious. At this point I've been five or six times and I could easily see myself becoming a regular here.

(The cocktail is the "Changing of the Guard", I'm not a huge vodka fan but this was good enough to order again.)

2018 Jan 26
Say what? You didn't hear back from them so you surmise that they're closing?

2018 Jan 26
Alright, so I've been here before and loved it!

I have been trying to get in touch with them to see if they still do tasting menus/chef's table, but I have not heard back.

Really hope this doesn't mean they are closing?! Eek!

Does anyone know by chance?

Thank you!

2017 Sep 21
Yes, although it is not the most aesthetically pleasant.

2017 Sep 21
They did have a patio last time I passed by.

2017 Sep 20
Do they have a patio? Anyone know?

2015 Aug 8
The Albion Rooms continue to be a solid choice for a dinner out with cocktails. I visited on Friday evening with my two brothers and our spouses, sans children. Some of us started with the phenomenal Marcus Brutus Caesar ($14) -- AR's deservedly celebrated trademark Caesar cocktail (it wasn't on the menu that day but we were encouraged to order it anyway after we asked about it).

The latest incarnation of the Roasted Cauliflower ($12) dish was less intensely delicious and more sweet than the original one. So not an improvement, but still a pretty great way to eat veggies!

I had the Elk Burger ($18) with iceberg wedge salad. This burger is really excellent. While the patty itself is on the dry side due to its leanness, the whole thing comes together as a flavourful and exceptional burger. I thought the lightly charred wedge salad might be a lighter option than the chips, but it was soaked in a wondrously rich blue cheese dressing that I consumed eagerly. In the end, I think the chips might have been lighter.

We loved the charcuterie offerings and everyone else at the table had a great time. Nice venue for a night out! They'll soon be opening a new and nicer dining area up some stairs from the main floor.

2014 Dec 9
I've been going to the AR for lunch on a semi regular basis for about a year now, and I have never had a bad experience. Used to really love the 3 ply lunch which changed daily, but now they have a pretty standardized menu. Anyway, today I had the elk burger, the best burger I have eaten in a long time. It was fabulous.
In the past I have had some charcuterie here and it was very good.

2014 May 20
The Albion Rooms was the perfect venue to spend a handful of hours on Friday night.

The food was great, the service was exceptional, and the overall atmosphere kept us far later after our plates had been cleared.

The one criticism is that the stools are uncomfortable and look exactly the way we feel. Our server was a doll and quick to lament with us about the torture seating. Even so, we did fairly well and managed to say seated for several hours during the meal but later moved to comfy chairs for post-meal drinks.

We ordered, and shared:
- Roasted cauliflower - gorgeously plated and tasted divine! The dish was very rich given the saffron mayo and seasoned croutons. A total hit!
- salad composed of (untorn) romaine lettuce, beets, carrots, radish, almonds and goat cheese - the portion was massive and there was much to be desired with the plating as it was very messy
- Whalesbone oysters - delish!
- Steelhead trout ceviche - this dish was a disappointment. I realize it is ceviche but it desperately needed something to balance the excess acidity. Similar to the salad, the plating was much to be desired
- Lemon tart - a wonderful and beautifully plated ending to the meal



2015 Aug 8
The Charcuterie Plate ($24 for three choices) is exceptional and delicious. The three choices are presented in fairly generous portions and the accompanying pickles and garnishes are truly excellent. It comes with a paper bag of crostini -- especially useful if you get a terrine as we did.

2015 Feb 22
Just like the cheese platter, the charcuterie platter is excellent. The choices are varied and at a very decent price. Pictured are: prosciutto, Seed to Sausages sausages and smoked salmon with lots of tasty sides such as marinated onions, capers, marinated beans, grainy mustard, dill pickles and crispy crostini a. It went really well with both the Scrimshaw Oyster stout and the Beamsville Pinot Noir I ordered.


2014 Feb 19
Just 3 days after our first visit we returned to help celebrate my bro-in-law's birthday. Since it was later in the evening and our kids were with us, we made this a dessert venture.

We tried the CAKE sticky maple pudding, the warm butter tart, and the pot de creme. I tasted my daughter's sticky pudding cake (bottom left in pic) and it was absolutely mindblowing--totally addictive stuff. My wife and I swapped our desserts because I loved the sweet, nutty, butter tart and she preferred the chocolatey pot de creme. Apparently, a pâte sucrée is more suited to lemon tarts than butter tarts, but I liked it anyway.

I tried the Beau's FeBREWary "Mission Accomplished" IPA just for fun. Holy hoppyness. Drinking this was a bit like chewing on grapefruit rinds. Some will love it.

One strange note: if you book a large table (we were 13) they will print off a custom menu with the birthday person's name on it, but it is a reduced menu. They don't offer the full restaurant selection (including charcuterie or Scotch egg) to groups. That's just weird.

EDIT: Another "wtf" moment—$5 for Orange Pekoe tea bag tea. Better to get a beer!