Located where the old Booster Juice was located, on Wellington West, between Holland and Island Park.

Mr. Shawarma and Subs
Foods from Mr. Shawarma and Subs

2013 Apr 13
Thank you, now I'll make sure to skip this place.

btw.... my lunch time shawarma place is Les Grillades over Allium. Not a fan of the reheated potatoes but everything else is great.

2013 Apr 13
Just opened a few days ago. I like to try all the new foodie spots in my 'hood. (Wellington Village that is, not Hintonburg or Westboro. A combo of the best of those two worlds.)

Well ... I was hopeful for a new Shawarma/Sub shop near by because I'm not a big fan of the Istanbouli on Holland.

What to order ? The friendly staff showed me the pre-sliced factory made donair meat from the fridge when I inquired about the donair. Nix.

Not in the mood for a sub.

Shawarma. What ? not on a spit ? ... but what they called 'pan shawara'.

They gave me a sample of the chicken shawarma meat from the warm holding bin. (it looked like a large slow cooker .. I really think it was a large slow cooker.)

Chicken tasted just OK but no tasty brown bits you get from the spit. Oh well. Thumbs down on the $6.99 Shawarma.

Also got a slice of pepperoni pizza for a snack (for later). Ahhhh .... what a disaster ! A soft over microwaved slice that was sitting around for hours and hours. At $3.50, a shame.

Summary. I'm NOT going back (unless they under go major changes).

Growing/opening pains for Mr. Shawarma and Subs ?

If you check my record, this is one of the few negative reviews I have ever made here in the last 5 years. But I just had to do it. Others please try ... if you will ... and I hope you have a better experience.
(Prediction: Mr. Shawarma and Subs will be gone in less than 18 months ... without said changes. Sad.)