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Fish and Chips at The Senate Sports Tavern & Eatery
Foods from The Senate Sports Tavern & Eatery

2013 Mar 21
I was told by a friend who was raving about this place. Being a big sports nut I was blown away! I've never seen a sports bar so tastefully put together. The place is warm and inviting with wood, brick and great lighting, not to mention every seat has a great view with all the TV's.

One other thing worth mentioning is their menu is quite impressive. I stuck to a club but there were a few options that definitely surprised me.

I will undoubtedly be back.

2013 Mar 14
Nice enough place but the limited beer selection means I'm not going back. Having a micro other than Beau's Lugtread would fix that.

2013 Mar 14
We were there a few weeks ago for a couple beers and Nachos ($5 pints and half price nachos during sens games).

Atmosphere was nice, beer was cold and the nachos were loaded with cheese. The salsa tasted like it had a bit of an indian flair to it, but it was good!

We will be back to try more of their menu.

2013 Jan 29
Noticed this place last night. Has anybody beer there yet? How's the food, beer?

2017 Oct 29
The Fish and Chips ($15) here were unusual but kind of amazing. The batter was the tangy-crunchy kind I like most, only it was studded with a generous coating of crushed potato chips. This is the height of excess! And yet it works...

The fries were good too so I can totally recommend it if the description doesn't scare you away.

The coleslaw was a little funky but the tartar sauce was great.