Located on the North side of Carling Ave, across from the Coliseum movie theatre.

Lahmacun (Mid-East Meat Pie) at Al Noor Bakery
Foods from Al Noor Bakery

2016 Jun 20
I've been back a few times since my previous visit and my opinion has definitely soured on this bakery. The prices have gone up and the quality has gone down. My girlfriend stopped going here because the guys there say so many inappropriate things to her, and who knows that they're saying about her in arabic. I've been going to Shawarma Garlic and Onion recently as it's a more pleasant experience.

2015 Oct 7
Been here a few times and the food is OK and very well priced. Service is poor, they only put spice in the meat pies 2/4 times I've been and I asked for it every time. Employees are usually talking to eachother in Arabic and don't pay a lot of attention to customers. Regardless it's OK, although quality and service is much worse than Aladdin further down on Carling. Both the meat and cheese pies have about 50% of the cheese/meat in the pies served at Aladdin.

2015 Feb 18
I love, love, love this bakery! Such a welcome addition to the neigborhood! My favourite are the cheese pies - warm, pillowy soft layers of cheese and dough. On a cold winter day it is heavenly to step into this bakery and munch off a warm cheese pie. Of course, in the summer it is awful for the bakers...

Also, they make mini versions of their pies, which are wonderful for parties. Very friendly staff too.

2013 Mar 5
Great food for a great price. Try the Cream Cheese with olives.

2013 Jan 1
This friendly and bustling Middle Eastern bakery specializes in the popular "meat pies" (Lahmacun) and similar products. Definitely a welcome addition to the neighbourhood! There are a few tables, at which you can enjoy the product at its best.

From memory, I think prices were $1.50 for zaatar, $1.75 for meat, $2.25 for cheese.

Also pleased to see they accept payment via credit/debit card in addition to cash.

2013 Jan 1
Tasty and fresh, well seasoned and satisfying. Everything lahmacun should be!