La Grand Pita is a locally owned shawarma restaurant located in the food court at the Westgate Shopping Centre.

Foods from La Grand Pita


2012 Nov 20
I am a big fan of pita wraps under various different styles and names. I went to Le Grand Pita with a friend and we ordered two shawarmas for take out. Both our wraps were so oily that they were soaked through the packaging, making it transparent, and they were dripping on my floor by the time we got home.

Now, I expect wraps to be greasy but this was ridiculous. I don't know what happened with our food but this was just excessive and I had never seen a wrap that oily before. It looked super unhealthy but I was really hungry and had already paid for it so I tried to fix it up so it would be edible.

I had to "drain" them over a plate for a few minutes before I would dare put it in my mouth. I even dabbed it with paper towels after it left a puddle of grease on my plate. I could only eat half my wrap before the grease got to my stomach, and I had to throw the rest away. I had a terrible stomach ache and would never order from there again. My friend finished his but he didn't like the feeling in his stomach either. That amount of oil is just not healthy. I don't know if it was a fluke that our wraps were like that, but I know other places that never do that to me so I won't be returning. Do not recommend.