Mr. Churritos is an Ottawa based online business. They brought the delicious warm, crispy churros to Ottawa, now you can call them or just order online if you want to have churros or if you have a meeting or event they cater churros, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks.

They offer churros, coffee, hot chocolate and sweet dippings for your churros.

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2013 Nov 16
Delicioso! I tried one Regular and one Filled (in this case with dulce de leche) churro. Perfectly crisp on the outside, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and nice and moist inside.

This is a superior product to beaver tails, so it will sell well. They are much smaller than I expected, probably because I'm more used to the large Asian fried breadsticks that accompany congee and other soups. These are closer to the size of hot dog wieners, but they are dense and satisfying. 3 would be a very satisfying snack!