SushiGo has various locations in Ottawa. See website for details.
This entry is for the location at 3172 Innes Road in Orleans.

Foods from SushiGo - Innes Road

2016 Jan 30
For at least the last week and a half, there has been a sign on the door saying that this place is closed for an indeterminate amount of time.

2012 Sep 7
While it's worth educating restaurant owners on menu misrepresentation, I can't help but think that expecting true vegetarian food from a sushi restaurant is not that different from expecting steak at a vegan restaurant. Heck, even the seaweed probably has zooplankton and other small organisms on it. (Seems so:

2012 Sep 7
@ MsM - Points for trying.

2012 Sep 6
This location opened in the New Year (2012). The first few times I went I was served by the owners who were very pleasant and the food was great.
I decided to bring along my 10yr old great niece who is a strict vegetarian (from birth), and then her vegetarian parents.
My great niece loves Miso soup. Since the menu clearly defines the Miso soup with a 'leaf' as vegetarian I ordered this for her. I specifically told the server to make hers first, on a clean surface before making mine (full of fish/shrimp/fish eggs etc). They didn't advise the person making the sushi, and the end result was her sushi being full of fish (I sent it back for them to start over).
The next time I brought her along, I made myself very clear and why they needed a fish free surface. The server advised me at this time that the Miso soup has fish paste in it! When I questioned her about the 'leaf' indicator on the menu and it states the item is vegetarian, she apologized and said she'd tell her boss. Misleading advertising! The next few times I went, once again they messed up my order, forgot to code in an item etc. and when I pointed it out when served, had to get up & pay again so they could add the item for me. No apologies, nothing. I do not recommend this place for anyone with fish allergies/sensitivities or vegetarians as you WILL be getting fish whether you want it or not. They have only been open for about 8 months - I don't expect to see them still in business this time next year. It's too bad, because the food (once you get it, and if you're not vegetarian) is good.