191 Colonel By Drive - Located alongside the path on the Rideau Canal just north of the Somerset/Corktown Bridge.

8 Locks' Flat
8 Locks' Flat
Foods from 8 Locks' Flat


2012 Aug 14
191 Colonel By, Ottawa, Ontario K1P1C7


2012 Aug 14
Where is this located?

2012 Aug 14
Apartment 613's review. I wanted to include this as the photo really captures the nice vibe of this place...and my posture is usually very good but I fell into slouchy mode like the guy on the right.

2012 Aug 14
Stopped here for a quick bite after a ride yesterday to try it out and really liked it a lot. Such a great location.
I had the Mediterranean vegetarian plate - a super fresh salad of mixed greens with little tomatoes; one dish each of tzatziki, tabbouleh and hummus; assorted pita triangles; and two stuffed grape leaves (~11 bucks).
Friendly and speedy service.

We were there around 13:00hrs and six tables were taken but I passed by Sunday night when they had live music and it was full. Nice.
Their cutlery, cups & dishes are all disposable. That hurts a bit and if I had a bag with me, I would have taken all of mine home as they're sturdy and good looking. You bet I'd reuse them. :)

Side note: They are now serving beer (Beau's among them).