Canadian Style Chinese food stall in L'esplanade Laurier.

Hing Lung
Foods from Hing Lung


2012 May 15
not sure what you ordered.

It's called the mini-combo, I eat it a few times a week, and it's under a fiver.

2012 May 14 I was in the area earlier today so remembered you mentioned this...I had the noodles plus one item and my total came to $6.50. And my noodles didn't look like that either.

2012 May 10
No lengthy review necessary.

Substantial amount of food for under 5 dollars. One of the best deals downtown. It's 4.96 after tax, and it is the same amount or more as Safron gives you for 8. (mind you, you only get one choice for this 'mini-combo')

You choose a noodle or a rice, and 1 item. I got them to throw a couple of peices of broccoli on top of my general tso's chicken. (they had no problem doing that, +1 in my books)

The noodles yesterday were really good (nice and charcoal-y), the chicken, was the standard miserably sweet, mystery meat stuff. It's what I expected and I enjoyed it :) Oh the foodie shame.

Can't beat the price folks.