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Fish and Chips at Cat's Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips at Cat's Fish and Chips
Foods from Cat's Fish and Chips

2017 Mar 20
Ew. I've had takeout and delivery from them multiple times and never had that happen. Would call and give them a chance to correct on your next order.

2017 Mar 19
We decided to get delivery on movie night. The beer battered haddock was great but my chips were bad. Maybe old oil, maybe not fresh but just bad. Unfortunate because the chips were the draw for me. I am not sure how these things left the restaurant but I am not sure I can bring myself to go back.

2016 Aug 6
I guess there is a new owner at this place (so I was told). A few of us stopped in for fish and chips and I ordered the beer battered haddock. The fish was like butter and the batter was very tasty. The chips were excellent and I wish I could have eaten them all. I will definitely go back if only for fish and chips.

2014 Jun 25
We've been here twice now for fish and chips and have enjoyed it both times. Food is good, as is the service. If you have a big appetite I would recommend getting the haddock, which is both less expensive and is a generous portion. I had a halibut and it was very good but the piece was much smaller. Fries were good. If I had an issue with anything it was the coleslaw which both times I felt was 'missing something' and needed some salt and pepper to give it some taste. My son had the gluten free F&C and seemed quite happy with it.

We had the calamari for an appetiser. It was fine, not the best I've had, but I did enjoy the chipotle dipping sauce which was very spicy (and I later used on my fries).

For dessert I had the chocolate doughnut (both visits) and would definitely recommend it. It is freshly made and is topped with icecream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

They have a small selection of craft beer available on tap, which I always like to see.

I'm sure we'll be back.

2014 Feb 25
I stopped by last week and had the Beer batter fish and chip. The fish itself is very good. thick and fluffy. However, I had the Seafood Chowder which was very bad...the Chowder was like a soup broth, very liquid and no flavour. very small pieces of seafood like shrimps...not worth the $5.

2013 Sep 22
AppleADay aka ChrissyisCanadian

Wow you like to post when you don't get your own way. I have the bill here, and neither you or your mom ordered the Crows Nest, the Davey Jones Salmon or asked about gluten free food.

Our Gluten free Menu is laminated paper (I think all menus are printed on paper because the stone tablets are too heavy...)

I am surprised you didn't post your other comment from the other sites, but maybe since my response is about how you threw your food on the floor of the patio like a 4 year old has pointed out how silly you are being.

Also, if you felt sick afterwards, then when you called me 5 hours later, I am sure you would have mentioned it.

As I said on one of the other sites, I think the users of these sites will see through your sad attempt to discredit us just because we wouldn't give you free food.

Go In Peace

2013 Sep 22
When I asked for a gluten free menu, it was on a dirty paper copy. I ordered Crow's Nest, which was very greasy! Next course was Davey Jone's Salmon topped with herb butter, the salmon was only a tiny slice and over priced. This plate included over salted fries. The whole meal was over priced and terrible! I became very sick with gas, vomiting and diarrhea! I had asked for a GF meal twice before ordering and again before eating each dish. Either these people don't communicate in their kitchen or don't care.  Hard to find a parking spot here, there are only four spots right next to the sidewalk and busy oncoming traffic when leaving the parking lot, especially if you are backing out. You can park in the back, there's one spot right next to the smelly trash. Interior decoration looks like it came from garage sale.

2013 May 29
Was there last Friday and I was a bit disappointed with my soggy oily fish. I substituted the poutine for fries big mistake. The five curds didn't hold up to the overly salty canned gravy. Darn why is it so hard to be consistent. Could be because the chef was schmoozing customers leaving the cooking to a new helper. Hope this is the case.

2013 Mar 7
Make sure you ask if they have a separate fryer for the gluten free option. If it is fried in the same oil as the regular batter it is no longer gluten free. Some vendors do this, some do not. This is important if you have celiac disease or a wheat allergy, as opposed to dietary preference.

2013 Mar 7
We got take out from here last night. Mr. ksw called first to place the order. He said the lady who answered was very friendly on the phone and in person when he went to pick up our order.

When he requested the gluten-free batter for me, she made sure to remind him that it cost extra (I would rather this than get a surprise later on the bill).

We were really happy with our meals. Everything was delicious. Yes....even the gluten free batter! I order gluten free options when they are available and am usually disappointed. This is understandable because you REALLY want it to taste like the real thing and it rarely does.

I would not have known it was a gluten-free batter if someone hadn't told me. HUGE plus for me.

The fish itself was fresh, moist and plentiful. I only ate half and have the other half for lunch today.

Fries were dusted with cajun seasoning and nice and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I also got a chipotle mayo dipping sauce to go with it. This was ok, but I prefer the chipotle mayo at The Works.

Mr. ksw got the Lifeboat Basa: a filet of basa (?) cajun floured, pan fried and topped with herbed butter. He said it was really tasty.

He got a side of mushy peas which the lady said are made fresh on the premises and my order of fries was enough for both of us with some left over for my lunch today. (So note that you can get away with one order of fries for two people).

Coleslaw is the creamy kind (my fave)and was fresh and crunchy with a nice tang.

Overall we were really happy and will be going back again soon.



2014 Feb 24
Visited on a Thursday in December and the place was bustling with activity. Every table was full. Lovely fish -- generous, crispy outside, moist inside, and greasy as it should be. I'd say this is one of the few very good fish and chip spots in Ottawa.

2013 Apr 5
Had some tasty fish and chips tonight. Went with the 2 piece beer battered and fries. The fish was melt in your mouth with a light fluffy moist texture. These large fillets had a nice crispy thin batter,nice to see the big eater optin available. Fries were fresh cut and thick reminiscent of the old beefeater style cut with a flat rectangular shape. No skinny stuff here. Coleslaw was creamy and peppery. Think this may be our new go to spot for fish and chips. After we arrived a line had formed by 5:30. Got the last table of about 15 in this cozy place. Listen for the fog horn and it might be your meal ready.

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2012 May 27
Best Grilled salmon I have had in a while. The Chips were great too.